I’m an assistant professor in Statistics at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, a guest fellow at the Leiden University Medical Center, and a member of the Young Academy Leiden. I’m currently supported by an NWO Veni grant.

Office: 221, Snellius building.
E-mail: svdpas at math dot leidenuniv dot nl
Google ScholarLinkedIn, Twitter

Research interests
Causal inference; Regression trees and forests; Sparsity; Bayesian nonparametrics; Nonparametric regression; Community detection; Survival analysis; Competing risks.

Short videos about my research: English, Nederlands.

Reading group causality
Information and schedule available here.

Merged block randomisation can be performed through the online tool here. For more options, please install the R package `mergedblocks’ through CRAN or by typing install.packages(“mergedblocks”) in the R terminal. The manual is available here.

The R package `horseshoe’ is available on CRAN here, or can be installed by typing install.packages(“horseshoe”) in the R terminal. There is a tutorial (vignette) and a manual which contains further examples.