I’m an assistant professor in Statistics at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University, and a guest fellow at the Leiden University Medical Center.

Office: 221, Snellius building.
E-mail: svdpas at math dot leidenuniv dot nl
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Research interests
Causality; Regression trees and forests; Sparsity; Bayesian nonparametrics; Nonparametric regression; Community detection; Survival analysis; Competing risks.

A short video about my research (in Dutch).

Reading group causality
Information and schedule available here.

Merged block randomisation can be performed through the online tool here. For more options, please install the R package `mergedblocks’ through CRAN or by typing install.packages(“mergedblocks”) in the R terminal. The manual is available here.

The R package `horseshoe’ is available on CRAN here, or can be installed by typing install.packages(“horseshoe”) in the R terminal. The manual contains some examples.