I’m an assistant professor in Statistics at the LUMC and the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University.

Office MI: 230, Snellius building.
Office LUMC: S-05-42, building 2.
E-mail: svdpas at math dot leidenuniv dot nl

Research interests
Bayesian nonparametrics; Sparsity; Community detection; Survival analysis; Competing risks.

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7. Bayesian Community Detection. [pdf] (with Aad van der Vaart)

6. Uncertainty Quantification for the Horseshoe. [pdf] (with Botond Szabó and Aad van der Vaart)

5. Adaptive Posterior Contraction Rates for the Horseshoe. [pdf] (with Botond Szabó and Aad van der Vaart)

4. Almost the Best of Three Worlds: Risk, Consistency and Optional Stopping for the Switch Criterion in Nested Model Selection. [pdf] (with Peter Grünwald)


3. S.L. van der Pas, J.-B. Salomond and J. Schmidt-Hieber (2016). Conditions for Posterior Contraction in the Sparse Normal Means Problem. Electronic Journal of Statistics 10, 976-1000. [pdf]

2. S.L. van der Pas, B.J.K Kleijn and A.W. van der Vaart (2014). The Horseshoe Estimator: Posterior Concentration around Nearly Black Vectors. Electronic Journal of Statistics 8 (2), 2585-2618. [pdf]

1. S. van der Pas (2014). The Normal Road to Geometry: in Euclid’s Elements and the Mathematical Competence of His Audience. The Classical Quarterly 64, 558-573. [pdf] Link to online journal edition here. Copyright The Classical Association. 


The R package `horseshoe’ is available on CRAN here, or can be installed by typing install.packages(“horseshoe”) in the R terminal. The manual contains some examples.

Selected talks


  • `Competing risks with time dependent clustering’ [slides] (PTA, London, September 2016)
  • `How many needles in the haystack? Adaptive inference and uncertainty quantification for the horseshoe’ [slides(JSM, Chicago, August 2016)
  • `The horseshoe and more general sparsity priors’ [slides] (EYSM, Prague, September 2015)
  • `Bayesian community detection’ [slides] (JSM, Seattle, August 2015)
  • `The horseshoe estimator: posterior concentration around nearly black vectors’ [slides] (ERCIM, Pisa, December 2014)


  • `Conditions for posterior contraction in the sparse normal means problem’ [slides] (Bayes Club, Amsterdam, April 2016)
  • `The horseshoe prior for nearly black vectors’ [slides] (Bayes Club, Amsterdam, April 2014)


  • `Hoe lang duurt het tot…?’ [slides]  (De Leidsche Flesch lunch seminar, Leiden, May 2016)
  • `Almost the best of three worlds’ [slides] (FMF Axioma symposium, Groningen, June 2014)
  • `Hypothese toetsen en het switch-criterium’  [slides(De Leidsche Flesch lunch seminar, Leiden, April 2014)