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Selected talks


  • `Bayesian dyadic trees and histograms for regression’ [poster(NIPS, Long Beach, December 2017)
  • `Posterior concentration for Bayesian regression trees and their ensembles’ [slides(Workshop on Bayesian and PAC-Bayesian methods, Paris, November 2017)
  • `Competing risks with time dependent clustering’ [slides] (PTA, London, September 2016)
  • `How many needles in the haystack? Adaptive inference and uncertainty quantification for the horseshoe’ [slides(JSM, Chicago, August 2016)
  • `The horseshoe and more general sparsity priors’ [slides] (EYSM, Prague, September 2015)
  • `Bayesian community detection’ [slides] (JSM, Seattle, August 2015)
  • `The horseshoe estimator: posterior concentration around nearly black vectors’ [slides] (ERCIM, Pisa, December 2014)


  • `Conditions for posterior contraction in the sparse normal means problem’ [slides] (Bayes Club, Amsterdam, April 2016)
  • `The horseshoe prior for nearly black vectors’ [slides] (Bayes Club, Amsterdam, April 2014)


    • `Orgaanalarm’ [slides] (Leiden Science Family Day, October 2018)
    • `Hoe lang duurt het tot…?’ [slides]  (De Leidsche Flesch lunch seminar, Leiden, May 2016)
    • `Almost the best of three worlds’ [slides] (FMF Axioma symposium, Groningen, June 2014)
    • `Hypothese toetsen en het switch-criterium’  [slides(De Leidsche Flesch lunch seminar, Leiden, April 2014)