PhD students
Bart Eggen, `Mathematical statistical theory for causal inference’.
Martin Kroon, `Detecting cross-linguistic syntactic differences automatically.’ Embedded in the Data Science Research Programme.
David Lam, `From bench to patient: quality assessment in abdominal organ transplantation.’

Mathematics bachelor theses
Sebastiaan Draijer (2018). Failliet door de pinpas?
Daniel Gomon (2017). Horseshoe prior: robustness against non-normal deviations.
Arjun Harinandansingh (2016). Meervoudig toetsen met de horseshoe prior.
Rens Geerling (2015). Community detection in networks.
Fréderique Kool (2014). Een statistische analyse van recidive-cijfers.
Jason Zijlstra (2014). An exploration of exoplanetary transit detection algorithms.