PhD students
Bart Eggen, `Mathematical statistical theory for causal inference’.
Martin Kroon, `Detecting cross-linguistic syntactic differences automatically.’ Embedded in the Data Science Research Programme.
David Lam, `From bench to patient: quality assessment in abdominal organ transplantation.’

Mathematics master theses
Caroline Kok (2019). A mathematical comparison and improvement of statistical control charts in medical contexts.

Mathematics bachelor theses
Pascal van der Vaart (2019). Statistical methods for quantum state estimation.
Sebastiaan Draijer (2018). Correlatie en causaliteit: failliet door de pinpas?
Daniel Gomon (2017). Horseshoe prior: robustness against non-normal deviations.
Arjun Harinandansingh (2016). Meervoudig toetsen met de horseshoe prior.
Rens Geerling (2015). Community detection in networks.
Fréderique Kool (2014). Een statistische analyse van recidive-cijfers.
Jason Zijlstra (2014). An exploration of exoplanetary transit detection algorithms.

Modelleren (at MI); 2019, 2020.
Inleiding Statistiek (at MI); 2017, 2018, 2019.
AWV2 (at LUMC); 2017.
Statistics (at LUC); 2015, 2016.
Numeracy (at LUC); 2013, 2014.