I’m an assistant professor in the Big Statistics section at the Amsterdam UMC, Department of Epidemiology and Data Science, and a guest researcher at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. I’m currently supported by an NWO Veni grant. I’m a member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Arthroplasty Register, of the NWO Round Table Mathematics and of the Research Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics.

E-mail: s.l.vanderpas at amsterdamumc.nl
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Research interests
Causal inference; Sparsity; Bayesian nonparametrics; Regression trees and forests; Nonparametric regression; Control charts; Community detection; Survival analysis; Competing risks.

Short videos about my research: English, Nederlands.

Reading group causality
Information and schedule available here.


  • BayesSurvival. Perform Bayesian survival analysis for right censored data. CRAN linkmanual. Install it by typing install.packages(“BayesSurvival”) in the R terminal.
  • mergedblocks. Perform merged block randomisation. Intended for small clinical trials. CRAN linkmanualonline tool (Shiny app). Install it by typing install.packages(“mergedblocks”) in the R terminal.
  • horseshoe. Apply the horseshoe prior to the sparse normal means or linear regression model. CRAN linkmanualtutorial (vignette). Install it by typing install.packages(“horseshoe”) in the R terminal.