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I’m an associate professor at the Amsterdam UMC, in the Big Statistics section of the Department of Epidemiology and Data Science. My main research area is causal inference (more about my research here).

Stéphanie van der Pas

I'm a member of the Round Table Mathematics of the Dutch Research Council and of the Research Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics, and I’m an Associate Editor of Bayesian Analysis. See my cv for more activities.


My research is supported by an ENW-M grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO), and from Fall 2023 by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC).

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Vacancy for PhD student and postdoc

As part of my ERC project BayCause, I am hiring a PhD student and 3-year postdoc to work on high-dimensional Bayesian causal inference. 

Closed, new vacancies will be posted in 2024.

Amsterdam Causality Meeting

In Fall 2023, the Amsterdam Causality Meeting will start, aimed at bringing together researchers working in the Amsterdam area but open to all. More information will be released at the end of summer.


s.l.vanderpas at amsterdamumc dot nl

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