I’m an assistant professor at the Amsterdam UMC, in the Big Statistics section of the Department of Epidemiology and Data Science, and a guest researcher at the Mathematical Institute of Leiden University. My main research area is causal inference (more about my research here).

Stéphanie van der Pas

I sit on the Scientific Advisory Board of the Dutch Arthroplasty Register, I'm a member of the Round Table Mathematics of the Dutch Research Council and of the Research Committee of the Dutch Platform for Mathematics, and I’m an Associate Editor of Bayesian Analysis. See my cv for more activities.


My research is supported by a Veni grant and an ENW-M grant from the Dutch Research Council (NWO).



Registration open for YES Causal Inference

In March 2023, there will be a workshop on causal inference for junior researchers in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Registration ends October 28th.

PhD defense Martin Kroon

On November 10th 2022, Martin Kroon will defend his PhD thesis titled Towards the Automatic Detection of Syntactic Differences in a public ceremony in Leiden.


s.l.vanderpas at amsterdamumc dot nl

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