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All R packages are available from CRAN, and can be installed by typing install.packages("packagename") into the R terminal.



November 2016

Implements the horseshoe prior for the normal means problem and linear regression. Includes functions to compute the posterior mean, credible intervals, and to carry out variable selection.

CRAN pageManual - Tutorial (vignette)



January 2019

Package to carry out merged block randomization, a restricted randomization method designed for small clinical trials (at most 100 subjects) or trials with small strata, for example in multicentre trials. It can be used for more than two groups and unequal randomization ratios. [Temporarily offline, expected back on CRAN by Fall 2024]

CRAN page - Manual - Tutorial (vignette) - browser app (Shiny)



May 2020

R package to perform unadjusted Bayesian survival analysis for right censored time-to-event data, using a piecewise exponential (histogram) prior with Gamma distributed heights that are either independent, or have a Markovian dependence structure. Includes plotting functions.

CRAN link - Manual - Tutorial (vignette)

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